1. 2024_04_WEF_Modernizing financial markets CBDC

    2. 2024_04_IOSCO_Exchanges regulatory implications

    3. 2024_04_IMF_Primer on Bitcoin Cross border flows

    4. 2024_04_FSI_Insights on policy implementation

    5. 2024_04_BIS_Finternet financial system of the future

    6. 2024_03_WEF_Navigating the industrial Metaverse

    7. 2024_03_IMF_Rise of Digital Money

    8. 2024_03_IMF_E-Money and Monetary policy transmission

    9. 2024_03_FATF_Implementation of Recomm 13

    10. 2024_03_BIS_DeFi Leverage

    11. 2024_02_IMF_Platform Precommitment via Decentralization

    12. 2024_02_IMF_Conceptual model for digital asset platforms

    13. 2024_02_BIS_Tracing the adoption of digital technologies

    14. 2024_02_BIS_Tokenisation for the real world_ Tokenization of Real-World Assets and Liabilities

    15. 2024_02_BIS_The economic implications of services in the metaverse

    16. 2024_02_BIS_How digital payments seize the daypdf

    17. 2024_01_INTERPOL_Metaverse A Law Enforcement Perspective

    18. 2024_01_IMF_Does FinTech Increase Bank Risk Taking

    19. 2024_01_FSB_FSB Work Programme for 2024

    20. 2024_01_BIS_Public information and stablecoin runs

    21. 2024_01_BIS_Economic implications services in Metaverse

    22. 2023_UNCTAD_Global Report on Blockchain and its Implications on Trade Facilitation Performance

    23. 2023_12_WorldBankGroup_Digital progress and trends report

    24. 2023_12_The World Bank_Infrastructure Tokenization

    25. 2023_12_IOSCO_Final Report with Policy Recommendations for Decentralized Finance DeFi

    26. 2023_12_IMF_Macro-Financial Impacts of Foreign Digital Money

    27. 2023_12_BIS_Cryptoasset standard amendments

    28. 2023_11_OECD_Open finance policy considerations

    29. 2023_11_IOSCO_Policy Recommendations for Crypto and Digital Asset Markets

    30. 2023_11_IMF_Is FinTech Eating the Bank’s Lunch

    31. 2023_11_IMF_Central Bank Digital Currency and Bank Disintermediation in a Portfolio Choice Model

    32. 2023_11_IMF_Central Bank Digital Currency - Initial Considerations

    33. 2023_11_FSB_The Financial Stability Implications of Multifunction Crypto-asset Intermediaries

    34. 2023_11_BIS_Will the real stablecoin please stand up

    35. 2023_11_BIS_On Par A Money View of stablecoins

    36. 2023_11_BIS_Exploring privacy, security and scalability for CBDCs

    37. 2023_11_BIS_A Money View of stablecoins

    38. 2023_10_WEF_Bain and Company_Evolution of Non-Fungible Tokens

    39. 2023_10_BIS_Stablecoin in cross border payments

    40. 2023_10_BIS_Mapping the world of decentralised finance

    41. 2023_10_BIS_Disclosure of cryptoasset exposures

    42. 2023_10_BIS_Considerations for the use of stablecoin arrangements in cross-border payments

    43. 2023_09_IOSCO_Policy Recommendations for Decentralized Finance DeFi

    44. 2023_09_IMF-FSB_Synthesis Paper Policies for Crypto-Assets

    45. 2023_09_IMF_New Evidence on Spillovers Between Crypto Assets and Financial Markets

    46. 2023_09_IMF_Cryptocarbon How Much Is the Corrective Tax

    47. 2023_09_IMF_Assessing Macrofinancial Risks from Crypto Assets

    48. 2023_09_BIS_The oracle problem and the future of DeFi

    49. 2023_08_OECD_DeFi liquidations Volatility and liquidity

    50. 2023_08_BIS_Financial stability risks from cryptoassets in emerging market economies

    51. 2023_08_BIS_Absolute blockchain strength Evidence from the ABS market in China

    52. 2023_07_IMF_Digital Tokens A Legal Perspective

    53. 2023_07_FSB_Reg. of “Global Stablecoin” Arrangements_Final Report 2023

    54. 2023_07_FSB_Recommendations for Regulation Supervision Oversight of Global Stablecoin Arrangements

    55. 2023_07_BIS_The crypto ecosystem key elements and risks

    56. 2023_06_FATF_Implementation of the FATF standards on virtual assets and virtual asset service providers

    57. 2023_05_WEF_Pathways to the Regulation of Crypto-Assets

    58. 2023_05_ISDA_Navigating Bankruptcy in Digital Asset Markets

    59. 2023_05_IOSCO_Policy Recommendations for Crypto and Digital Asset Markets

    60. 2023_05_BIS_Project Polaris

    61. 2023_05_BIS_Crypto tokens and DeFi navigating the regulatory landscape

    62. 2023_04_BIS_Crypto carry

    63. 2023_01_BIS_Addressing the risks in crypto laying out the options

    64. 2022_12_UNESCO_Education on Blockchain

    65. 2022_10_FSB_Reg. of Global Stablecoin Arrangements_Consultative Report 2022

    66. 2022_08_IMF_Fintech Notes_The Case of Stablecoins and Arrangements

    67. 2022_07_BIS_IOSCO_Principles for Financial Market Infrastructures to stablecoin arrangements

    68. 2022_06_WEF_Decentralized Autonomous Organizations Beyond the Hype

    69. 2021_12_OECD_Tokenisation of assets in financial markets

    70. 2021_10_FSB_Reg. of Global Stablecoin Arrangements_Progress Report 2021

    71. 2020_10_FSB_Reg. of Global Stablecoin Arrangements_ High Level Recom. 2020

    72. 2020_03_IOSCO_Global Stablecoin Initiatives

    1. 2024_04_ECB_Digital euro current state of play

    2. 2024_03_ESMA_Coslutation paper MiCA

    3. 2024_03_ECB_Technical note on the provision of multiple digital euro accounts

    4. 2024_03_ECB_Digital Euro - The future of money

    5. 2024_03_EBA_Guidelines on redemption plans Art47 and Art55

    6. 2024_02_ECB_Digital Euro preparation phase

    7. 2024_02_EC_Master EU digital infrastructure

    8. 2024_02_EC_Europe digital infrastructure needs

    9. 2024_02_EBSI_Can verifying legal entities be as easy as web3

    10. 2024_01_ESMA_On the draft guidelines on reverse solicitation under the Markets in Crypto Assets Regulation (MiCA)

    11. 2024_01_ECB_Update on the work of the digital euro scheme’s Rulebook Development Group

    12. 2024_01_ECB_Transition to central bank digital currency

    13. 2024_01_ECB_Consumers payment pref and banking digitalisation

    14. 2024_01_ECB_Central Bank Digital Currency when price and bank stability collide

    15. 2024_01_EBI_Decentralised Autonomous Organizations_Targeting the Potential Beyond the Hype

    16. 2024_01_EBA_Public Hearing on Governance Remuneration and CoI mandates under MICAR

    17. 2023_12_EU Supervisory Digital Finance Academy_Digital Finance in the EU

    18. 2023_12_EP_Understanding crypto assets_An overview of blockchain technology-s uses and challenges

    19. 2023_12_ECB_Global and local drivers of Bitcoin trading vis-à-vis fiat currencies

    20. 2023_11_ECB_The digital euro a digital form of cash

    21. 2023_11_EBA_Guidelines on preventing abuse for money laundering and terrorist financing purposes under Regulation (EU) 2023-1113

    22. 2023_11_EBA_Draft Implementing Technical Standards

    23. 2023_10_ESMA_Report on the DLT Pilot Regime

    24. 2023_10_ESMA_EBA_Guidelines on the suitability assessment of issuers of asset tokens and crypto-asset providers

    25. 2023_10_ESMA_Decentralised Finance in the EU Developments and risks

    26. 2023_10_ESMA_Decentralised Finance A categorisation of smart contracts

    27. 2023_10_ECMI_ECRI_A digital euro beyond impulse CBDC

    28. 2023_10_ECB_The future of DAOs in finance

    29. 2023_10_ECB_A stocktake on the digital euro

    30. 2023_10_EBA_IOTA_Public Comment on Policy Recommendations for Decentralized Finance

    31. 2023_10_EBA_Guidelines on internal governance of issuers of ARTs

    32. 2023_10_EBA_Consulation on arrangements and asset reference token

    33. 2023_09_Europol_The other side of the Coin

    34. 2023_09_EPRS_Non-EU countries- regulations on crypto-assets and potential implications for EU

    35. 2023_09_EBI_Securitisation in the era of Blockchain

    36. 2023_07_Banque de France_Wholesale CBDC Experiments with the BANQUE DE FRANCE

    37. 2023_06_EC_Regulation of the European Parliament and Council on establishment of digital euro

    38. 2023_06_EC_Bank profitability and central bank digital currency

    39. 2023_05_Official Journal of the European Union_Regulation (EU) of the European Parliament

    40. 2023_05_ESBR_Crypto-assets and decentralised finance

    41. 2023_05_EGOV_A legal framework for the digital euro

    42. 2023_05_ECON_Remaining regulatory challenges in digital finance and crypto-assets after MiCA

    43. 2023_05_BACS_MiCA

    44. 2023_04_FATF_TFR Travel rule regulation guide European Union

    45. 2023_04_EUP_Legislative resolution on the proposal for a regulation of the EPC

    46. 2023_04_EMA_Regulationof the European Parliament and on markets in crypto-assets

    47. 2023_02_Banque de France_Stablecoins and the Financing of the Real Economy

    48. 2022_11_Europol_BIG_5 recommendations for crypto assets-related crime and money laundering

    49. 2022_11_EPRS_Markets in crypto-assets (MiCA)

    1. 2024_04_FED Philadelphia_Making Sense of Decentralized Finance

    2. 2024_03_FED_Financial literacy and Crypto Ownership in the US

    3. 2024_02_FED_Governance of Permissionless Blockchain Networks

    4. 2024_02_FED_CBDC for International payments

    5. 2024_01_SEC_ Rule Changes to List and Trade Bitcoin-Based Commodity

    6. 2024_01_CFTC_Decentralized Finance

    7. 2023_11_FED_Retail Central Bank Digital Currencies Implications

    8. 2023_10_Federal Reserve_Tokenization Overview and Financial Stability Implications

    9. 2023_09_US Federal Reserve of New York_Are Stablecoins the New Money Market Funds

    10. 2023_09_US Congressional Research Service_An Overview of H.R. 4766, Clarity for Payment Stablecoins

    11. 2023_09_NIST_Understanding Stablecoin Technology and Security

    12. 2023_09_Congressional Research Service_An overview of Clarity for Payment Stablecoins Act

    13. 2023_09_ Federal Reserve of New York_ Runs and Flights to Safety

    14. 2023_07_US Government_Clarity for Payment Stablecoins Act of 2023

    15. 2022_07_US Government_Lummis-Gillibrand Responsible Financial Innovation Act

    16. 2022_07_US Government_ Responsible Financial Innovation Act

    17. 2022_05_US Government_Stablecoin Transparency of Reserves and Uniform Safe Transactions Act of 2022

    18. 2021_12_FDF_Factsheet_ blockchain and cryptoassets in the financial sector_2021

    19. 2021_11_US FDIC and OCC_Report on Stablecoin 2021

    20. 2021_11_FDIC_Report on Stablecoin 2021

    21. 2021_10_OFAC_Sanctions compliance guidance for the Virtual Currency Industry

    22. 2020_03_US Government_Clarifing paper on which Federal agencies regulate digital assets

    1. Stablecoin Guidelines

    2. Ordinanza Federale DLT_2021

    3. Legge Federale DLT_2020

    4. FDF_Factsheet Crypto_2021

    5. 2023_11_SNB_SNB launches pilot project with central bank digital currency

    6. 2023_09_SBF_Liquidity in Markets for Security Tokens

    7. 2023_09_SBF_CVA_Swiss blockchain industry warns against planned FINMA practice on staking

    8. 2023_06_Swiss Banking_CMTA_Swiss Digital Asset Custody

    9. 2022_01_SNB_BIS_SIX_Project Helvetia Phase II

    10. 2020_12_SNB_BIS_SIX_Project Helvetia

    11. 2019_09_FINMA_Supplement to the guidelines

    1. 2024_02_Banca D-Italia_CBDC and the banking system

    2. 2023_12_CONSOB_Piano strategico 2022-2024

    3. 2023_10_ADE_Trattamento fiscale delle cripto-attività

    4. 2023_06_ OAM_Secondo flusso informativo CASP

    5. 2023_03_OAM_Primo flusso informativo CASP

    6. 2023_03_ABI_Digital Euro Position Paper

    7. 2022_06_CONSOB_Emerging trends in sustainable investing and cryptoasset markets

    8. 2022_06_Banca D’Italia_Comunicazione in materia di tecnologie decentralizzate nella finanza e cripto-attività

    1. Japan FSA_Regulatory Framework for Crypto assets and Stablecoins

    2. 2024_04_Reserve Bank of New Zealand_Digita Cash in New Zealand

    3. 2024_03_SverigesRiksbank_E-krona pilot phase 4

    4. 2024_03_Bank of Thailand_Retail CBDC Conclusion Report

    5. 2024_03_Bank of Israel_Logical Architecture for the Digital Shekel System

    6. 2024_03_Bank of Canada_CBDC Banking and Antonymity

    7. 2024_02_LawCommission_Digital assets as personal property

    8. 2024_02_HKMA_Provision custodial services for Digital Assets

    9. 2024_02_HKMA_Cryptoasset Exposures

    10. 2024_02_FCA_Review of Maximal Extractable Value _ Blockchain Oracles

    11. 2024_02_DNB_Transition to central bank digital currency

    12. 2024_01_BankOfEngland_Customer data acces and fintech entry

    13. 2024_01_Bank of Spain_CBDC operational framework Monetary policy

    14. 2023_12_SFC, HKMA_Joint circular on intermediaries virtual asset-related activities

    15. 2023_12_HKMA_Regulatory Regime for Stablecoin Issuers - Consultation Paper

    16. 2023_12_FSTB HKMA_ Legislative Proposal to Implement the Regulatory Regime for Stablecoin Issuers in Hong Kong

    17. 2023_11_FCA_Regulating cryptoassets_Phase 1 Stablecoins_Discussion Paper

    18. 2023_11_FCA_Regulating cryptoassets_Phase 1 Stablecoins

    19. 2023_11_FCA_Finalised non-handbook guidance on Cryptoasset Financial Promotions

    20. 2023_11_Bank of England_Regulatory regime for systemic payment systems using stablecoins DP

    21. 2023_11_Bank of England_Regulatory payment systems using stablecoins and related service providers

    22. 2023_10_HM Treasury_Update on Plans for the Regulation of Fiat-backed Stablecoins

    23. 2023_10_HM Treasury_Update on Plans for Regulation of Fiat-backed Stablecoins

    24. 2023_10_HM Treasury_Future financial services regulatory regime for cryptoassets

    25. 2023_10_Bank of Canada_Redefining Financial Inclusion for a Digital Age

    26. 2023_10_Australian Government_The Treasury_Regulating Digital Asset Platforms

    27. 2023_09_UAE VARA_Virtual Asset Issuance Rulebook

    28. 2023_09_Bank of Canada_Digitalization Definition and Measurement

    29. 2023_08_MAS_Response to Consultation on Stablecoins regulation

    30. 2023_08_ADB_Recent CBDC Developments in Asia and implications

    31. 2023_03_House of Commons_Central bank digital currencies_The digital pound

    32. 2022_FSA_Regulatory Framework for Crypto assets and Stablecoins

    33. 2022_10_MAS_Proposed Regulatory Approach for Stablecoin

    34. 2022_10_MAS_Proposed Regulatory Approach for Stablecoin- Consultation Paper

    35. 2022_08_MAS_Response to Consultation on Stablecoins regulation

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